Win More Listings,
Sell More Property.
Your customers and prospects have never changed. But reaching them has.
Use Digital Marketing to win more listings and sell more property.
Here's How Powered Property Helps Agents
Our unique solution for Residential Agents.
Stop Relying On Portals
Powered Property have successfully run hundreds of digital campaigns. Move beyond REA and Domain and reach more buyers and sellers directly.
Always Be Top Of Mind
Reach buyers and sellers and ensure you're always top of mind.
Target Local Prospects
Get the most out of your vendor paid marketing budget.
Reach More Buyers
26% Of Latent Buyers are on Social Media, Google and browsing the internet. 80% of real estate buyers live within 10km of the property they eventually purchase.

Reach buyers where they are on their terms. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Weibo, WeChat together with our advanced algorithms to find the right buyers for your development.
Vendor Paid Marketing
Utilise Vendor Paid Marketing through digital to generate more buyer enquiries and tap into a future seller market simultaneously.

Powered Property are disrupting the Property Marketing space with our automated technology offering which combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to get your listings in front of active and dormant buyers.
Build Your Brand
Build your brand through the use of our "persona smart matching technology". Reach buyers and sellers with the right message, at the right time. Sell more property and build your profile through thought leadership.
How Can Powered Property Help You?
Location Based Marketing. We'll show you How To You Win More Real Estate Listings
Add up to 26% extra reach for your campaigns. With our smart targeting algorithms we can target the right postcode as well as new and latent buyers.
Build Your Brand
Be top of mind no matter where your prospects are online. Facebook, Google, Webio, WeChat.

Stop relying on Property Portals like and to generate your leads.
Sell More Property At Higher Prices
Selling more property is the goal. Create new demand, reach more buyers and sell property at higher than market prices.
Hear What Our Partners Think
"Consistent and Full Pipeline"
We partner with Powered Property to generate seller leads, each campaign has led to leads converting with one campaign in particular closing at a rate of 50%.

Adrian Foster, Director, Hocking Stuart
Measure Results
Accountable Reporting
Every touch point is measureable and we therefore report back on any metric you want tracked, how many calls did you get, check, how many emails, check, you want it we can report on it.

We also use these data points to optimise your campaigns and ensure we are always improving.
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